School Day Adventures

Don’t be mad. I know I promised a bourbon/baking post. I am working on it, I swear! It’s just that I had such a fun day that I have to tell you about.

Every now and again you have an experience that far exceeds expectations. It’s the polar opposite of going to that movie everyone’s raving about and feeling let down. So many things these days are exaggerated so when something truly impresses, it sort of sticks with you.

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Highway Junkies


GAAH. I haven’t written in over a month! Since I have no clue how to schedule posts in advance, I hem and haw over the topic, the writing, the photos. Then, when it gels, I hit publish. But this summer, instead of blogging, I feel like all I’ve done is pack, unpack, wash stuff and repack.  Continue reading “Highway Junkies”

Whiskey of the Month Club

Whiskey of the Month Club

Sounds super official, right? You know, like the other (real) bourbon bloggers you see out there? Nope. Just nope. Oh, and I should probably come clean – WOMC is merely a nom de plume for Party Planning Committee. It’s really just an extra excuse for our already sanctioned weeknight drinking with Uncle Chris and it gives PPC a slightly cooler name for one night a month.  Continue reading “Whiskey of the Month Club”