United States of Bourbon, Pt II

Remember last summer when I wrote about state whiskeys (read it here)? To refresh your  memory, it started when I filled our summer with over 4,000 miles of travel in only seven short weeks. With kids. Little kids. Around that time, Esquire and Food + Wine both came out with articles about the best/most important bourbons. Challenge accepted! I scoped out local offerings on each of the trips and presto – blog post!

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Highway Junkies


GAAH. I haven’t written in over a month! Since I have no clue how to schedule posts in advance, I hem and haw over the topic, the writing, the photos. Then, when it gels, I hit publish. But this summer, instead of blogging, I feel like all I’ve done is pack, unpack, wash stuff and repack.  Continue reading “Highway Junkies”