Birthday Month

Just one of many Birthday Cocktails

I know, I know. This is supposed to be my second state bourbon post. I’m working on it, I swear. Finding local whiskeys is hard! I’ve already written about my own region and unless I’m traveling, it’s hard to find something from further away. Plus I’ve more research (read: drinking!) to do before I can actually finish the post. I still have one to open, and frankly I’m a little scared of it. Without giving away too much, I think this state has way better to offer, if I could just find it!

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A New Side Hustle

I needed a snow day to finally finish this post!

I seem to be piling a bunch of new stuff onto my proverbial plate lately. I guess some part of me figures it will all be fine because I sort of do better under pressure – that sounds nuts as I type it out. The summer was a whirlwind with the move; it’s been a crazy busy fall with new schools, new routines, a family wedding, and lots of visitors (several of them being of the stomach bug variety!). We’re hosting family and a friend from Scotland this week and then we shall wrap up a wild 2016 with a wild trip abroad.  Continue reading “A New Side Hustle”

Salted Bourbon Caramels

img_6592I completely expected to write this post about how making caramel for the first time was a spectacular failure. That’s what I want for this blog – not just the beauty shots and wins, but the epic messes, the dropped cupcakes. But apparently I’m getting better at this cooking thing, because these caramels came out pretty close to perfect as far as I can tell (and I taste tested a LOT).  Continue reading “Salted Bourbon Caramels”