Nomadic Friendships

Happy hour goodies!

As the year comes to a close, I’m going to take a moment to wax on a bit about friendship. Call me a mush. Or just tipsy.

  • How do you make friends so easily? (so many!)
  • You guys drink more than you used to – when did that happen? (Dad)
  • How is it moving around so much? I can’t imagine leaving my friends. (Samantha)
  • Your phone is always going off, you have so many friends here! (Husband)

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Squish Conference

Remember how I went to Scottsdale back in February? Well, the weather sucked. I barely got to see my Twinnie. And yet, I can say confidently that the trip was fantastic. No, I mean it. I sat by the pool (for 20 bone-chilling minutes!). I blogged – ok, with a desert view instead of the pool – but I blogged nonetheless. I hit the sauna and even survived sitting at a bar all by my lonesome! Continue reading “Squish Conference”