Ode to Fall

Summer lovers, hear me out. Summer’s not all bad. I like lounging on the deck on a nice day (think 75 with a light breeze). I enjoy cookouts with friends. I’m a dress wearing, sandal loving, iced coffee (or bubbles!!) sipping girl with too many sunnies.  Continue reading “Ode to Fall”

Bo. Ba.

A few of my favorite things

Holy crap, it’s been over a year since I started this adventure! Where did the time go? Oh yeah, we settled into a new town and home and school, hosted and attended a few parties, took a few trips, launched a new business, survived a family wedding and a trip abroad with kids. Oh, and there was a whole lot of bourbon!  Continue reading “Bo. Ba.”

School Day Adventures

Don’t be mad. I know I promised a bourbon/baking post. I am working on it, I swear! It’s just that I had such a fun day that I have to tell you about.

Every now and again you have an experience that far exceeds expectations. It’s the polar opposite of going to that movie everyone’s raving about and feeling let down. So many things these days are exaggerated so when something truly impresses, it sort of sticks with you.

Continue reading “School Day Adventures”