About Me

Hmm, where to start. It seems like nowadays there’s a blog for everything – food, fashion, finances, you name it. Over the years, various people, including my own husband, have suggested that I get in the game. It seemed like an interesting idea – in theory. But I had/have the same ‘fears’ as every other person – what if it’s crap? What if my friends think it’s rubbish?

And what on earth would I talk about?? Gina (my dear friend and beloved cheerleader) and I set about brainstorming. I had learned in joining Pinterest that while I do love fashion, I care far more about cake, keeping my young kids entertained, and finding prettiness in my life. In my years of living in the semi-rural Bible Belt, I discovered the magic of bourbon. Talk about a lot of random interests – this is not the recipe for a focused blog!

She somehow talked me down from that spinout of emotions and assured me I can absolutely write about a bunch of different things. Isn’t that real life – multifaceted and not altogether coherent? And so a blog topic is born – Bourbon, Baking, Bubbles and Babies!

I guess the moment has come – my little one has begin school, and the itch to get back to work (there’s a potential post!) has me thinking about what I’m going to do next.


Oh wait; you’re supposed to be getting to know me. Well, hopefully we’ll find out together as I write this blog! For now – I’ve been married for a decade to my high school…. You thought I was going to say my sweetheart, right? Nope! But he’s been one of my best friends since way back then, and together we’ve navigated life with 2 sweet daughters, 4 different houses in 4 different states, a handful of passport stamps and countless other adventures.