Highway Junkies


GAAH. I haven’t written in over a month! Since I have no clue how to schedule posts in advance, I hem and haw over the topic, the writing, the photos. Then, when it gels, I hit publish. But this summer, instead of blogging, I feel like all I’ve done is pack, unpack, wash stuff and repack.  Continue reading “Highway Junkies”

Squish Conference

Remember how I went to Scottsdale back in February? Well, the weather sucked. I barely got to see my Twinnie. And yet, I can say confidently that the trip was fantastic. No, I mean it. I sat by the pool (for 20 bone-chilling minutes!). I blogged – ok, with a desert view instead of the pool – but I blogged nonetheless. I hit the sauna and even survived sitting at a bar all by my lonesome! Continue reading “Squish Conference”

Candied Pecans

Finally! I present to you a recipe on this blog that’s largely about eating and drinking! As I’ve said before, I’m still learning all the blogging rules. I haven’t posted recipes because I want to make sure I’m giving proper credit. I know, call me a crazy rule follower. I’m fine with that – we rebel in our own ways, right? Besides, if my fledgling baking business is going to take off I can’t go sharing all my secrets!

Continue reading “Candied Pecans”