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Whiskey of the Month Club from years past July 4

What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been! Both sets of parents came to visit, less than a week apart, over the holidays. Then I booked a cake order and my very first show for Savalina Sweets for the same weekend. Oh, and as if you weren’t already questioning my sanity, let’s throw in an overnight in the city for the girls’ first time going to Nutcracker.

That was a GOOD PPC!

Yup – all that in one weekend. With in-laws. Anywho, I survived the chaos, turned a teeny profit at the show and enjoyed city time with my girls. No time to relax yet though – I still have over 20 orders of toffee in the next two weeks, a large cake order and our annual Elf party. Oh wait, there’s also holiday shopping and travelling home for Christmas. How do I always over-book like this??

Savalina Sweets – everyone gets involved!

Back to the point of today’s little post. Virtual PPC. Sounds wonderfully geeky, right? It is! Nothing will ever compare to our Missouri years when Uncle Chris was a fixture in our house on a Thursday night. I have endless fond memories of hanging out at the basement bar after the kiddos went to bed. Eating cake. Flinging chips at the Husband. And of course bourbon.

PPC always involves cake or chips!

But something is better than nothing, right?

To that end, a couple of months back, I sent a care package to our PPC co-founders Uncle Chris and Aunt G. Each person in the family got something, but we’re just talking about Uncle Chris for now. I made him a little vial from our bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed and threw in a bag of weird chips from my local Indian grocery. Because, tradition! Is it even PPC without cake or chips, or both??

Aunt G and Uncle Chris!

Instead of lounging at the basement bar, we huddled over laptops while the kids slept on a recent Thursday night via FaceTime. Even though it took a month to actually get our schedules aligned, it was worth the wait to see Uncle Chris try Rare Breed for the first time. 1,000 miles away, we finished off the last drops from our bottle and laughed our way through some Indian interpretation of BBQ chips. It was worth the effort, for sure! 

Rare Breed post PPC

Ok, back to baking for me. Hopefully your final weeks of fall are slightly more easy-going than mine! While I make toffee, you guys figure out what we should drink for our next Virtual PPC!


Seriously, we don’t waste whiskey!

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