The Sweet Life

If I hadn’t already named my business Savalina Sweets, I think The Sweetery is a good alternate, don’t you? A few months ago, a girlfriend bought cupcakes for some family occasion. And even though she said Savalina Sweets multiple times, her MIL couldn’t remember it, and kept asking what sweetery made the cupcakes.  I guess that’s a compliment, right?

Twinnie and the Husband think we should change the name to Sugar Mama.  Because I’m a mom is an obvious reason of course. But it’s also because the Husband once joked he supported me through grad school in hopes that one day he’d have a Sugar Mama. (He’s really a much more supportive and appropriate Husband than that line makes him sound!)

First attempts at the perfect craft box

I’ve been damn fortunate in my entrepreneurial (holy crappers, I can’t believe I spelled that right, no spell check!) adventure. I’m so lucky that our family finances allow me to take this chance. The Husband has been behind this venture from the beginning – hell, he even stole a sketch of my logo and had a cup made for me.

Then there’s the support of friends, old and new. Just the other day, I was thinking how great it is to have in my life such smart people who have answers to everything.

Mickey theme for a birthday order

You probably already figured that Gina was with me for every little detail – names, what to make, how I wanted things to look. I love that we both instantly came up with this dark raspberry pink – feminine without being saccharin sweet.  We were perfectly aligned on the use of craft brown boxes. The look and feel came together so easily, so quickly – it felt like fate.

I LOVE this frosting, but I lost the recipe, waaahhhh

At first it seemed impossible to find a reputable and affordable graphics person to make our vision come to life. After a few weeks getting nowhere, the light bulb went off. DUH – Crazy Gabe!

Every moment in the presence of this guy is surreal. No joke, we met at a farmers market  and he’s just one of those easy to talk to people. A few minutes of idle chatter easily turns into an hour of shooting the shit – funny t-shirt ideas (he is in marketing after all), anecdotes about the kids and of course booze-fueled shenanigans.

Crazy Gabe!

So I called Gabe – perhaps he’ll argue this but after explaining my plans, he said something like – “ok kiddo, I got this; I’ll take care of you.” Dream come true, right? We definitely make an odd team – the ex-military, bear-hunting, bearded Californian. And me, the pocket-sized Indian girl with big hair who’s afraid of everything.

I just love how the branding turned out

But he gets me – the designs came together pretty quickly and we had a few super fun phone calls along the way. I can’t count how many people ooh and aah with me when they see (and feel) my super cool MOO business cards. Fast forward many months and I’m not sure what to do about signage. One quick email and of course Crazy Gabe had an answer.

Diamonds and Pearls – Champagne and Cake!

So the marketing is set, but I still need to bake! And if you’ve tried some of my baking, you’ll know I’m pretty picky about how things should be. I count on what I call my board of directors – my nearby friends who taste and taste and taste some more. And they tell me what they honestly think. The best part: more than once, I have texted someone to say, “Can I bring cake over, we need to taste test!” So far they all say yes!

First Blush – Strawberry cakes for the Big’s 7th Birthday

Once we figure it out, we move onto the fun names. Why should color brands like Essie and OPI, Behr and Sherwin Williams, NARS and L’Oreal have all the fun names? No way. That means my menu has things like Diamonds and Pearls (my personal ode to Prince!) and The Devil Wears Peanut Butter. And one of my newest items? Hot Mexican, toffee with a dash of cayenne.

Happy Hour!

Ooh and remember that Maple Bourbon Cupcake? Well we finally decided to call it Happy Hour, an ode to Uncle Chris and my bourbon roots.

The last few weeks have been extra wild. Within maybe 10 days, I got invited to do my first show in Chicago, accepted my biggest order to date, and got three (yep, three!) orders from one person. As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m also starting to hear from people wanting holiday orders – yikes!

Toffee Toffee Toffee!!

Remember that girlfriend I mentioned at the beginning of this post?Well, before I could even process that any of this is even happening, she texted me – and offered to help with my kids or packaging or just moral support (aka bringing over wine or cocktails!). Someone pinch me, how did I get such good friends??

What should we make next??

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