Lake Life

I mean, don’t you want to go here??

I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but I maybe kind of like the outdoors?? Here, I’ll give you a moment to rub your eyes in disbelief.  

Those who know me best are laughing and saying “who the hell are you??” But I mean it! First it was Mother’s Day and then lots of May spent on a picnic blanket in the yard. Now it’s a week at a Minnesota lake house. It’s hard to believe, even to me!

Sofa views don’t get much better than this!

Clearly, the girls and I survived our solo road trip – it was a long day, but definitely not terrible. Glowing endorsement, right? No, really, the girls used their headphones to watch movies, we didn’t use all the car presents, and nobody got sick. I call that a win.

Drink in hand, beautiful sunset – I wanna go back!

Allow me to paint a picture of Lake Life – a tour of the neighborhood, if you will. It’s really a row of cabins on a winding country road between miles of rolling farmland. If you’re watching, you can catch a glimpse of their magical lakefront vistas. Blink and you won’t know you even know they were there!

Who let this one drive? A BOAT???

The families in these cabins have known each other for decades and we were immediately welcomed into the fold. How awesome is that?! My aunt’s friend invited her granddaughters up for the week and so the girls spent every waking minute together – in the lake, in their attic playroom, on our covered deck, or traipsing through the yards to see one another.

Day 1 Drinks – G&T and Canadian Club

The girls had a blast!!  It was pretty stellar for me too. We sort of took turns in charge of the fearsome foursome. So when we did have the kids, it was full on mom mode.  But when it wasn’t our turn, ooh baby. I went grocery shopping – ALONE – (you parents know all about that one!), sipping coffee as an activity, doing yoga without stepping on Legos and I even ate before noon! In other words? Bliss.

The Little: “I’ve never changed outside before!!”

Between the serenity of the lake itself and having time to do something other than parent, even someone like me can relax! And everyone is on Lake Time, which might just be the best part of the whole trip. One of the biggest things I learned about lake life is that you throw all sense of time right out the window.

Drinks at 4, dinner at 8, bed at 10 (for the kids!); wake up at 9. Breakfast is at 10, lunch at 2. Everything is off by a few hours and nobody seems to mind! Even the kids slept in, thankfully.

And with the girls sleeping in, it’s easy for me to be the chill mom at the lake! You want ice cream at 9 pm? Sure. You want chips with lunch? Ok, me too.

Wait! Let’s not forget the drinks! I did manage to find a local bourbon, and introduced my uncle to whiskey! Also, we discovered that I make a good bartender. There’s no real secret – all it really takes is a heavy pour and a well juiced lime when called for. Vodka soda was our primary drink, but we also tinkered with tonic, gin, mimosas and of course, whiskey!

One road trip ends, time to prep for the next one!

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