Summer on the Road

So many drinks, only two little hands!

OMG guys, I’m freaking out. I know, I know – those of you who know me best will say, what’s new? 

The Little’s got the right idea, don’t you think?

I’m doing a solo road trip with the kids in a few days. We’re not driving 2 hours away like I’ve done before. This is going to be over 500 miles. Google tells me that means at least 8 hours and those guys don’t factor in potty breaks or the Little ‘accidentally’ disconnecting the DVD player during their third viewing of Mary Poppins.

Bubbles for the adults, s’mores and sparklers for the kiddos

With recent cake and toffee orders for Savalina, I’ve only just now allowed myself to start thinking and preparing for this adventure. First on the to-do list is travel presents (thanks a lot, Uncle Chris)! When we moved last year our favorite whiskey buddy/neighbor/trouble maker decided to send us off with a new present for the girls for every single hour of our drive.

We’re packing light, can’t you tell??

Naturally it was a hit and now the girls clamor for presents on every road trip (thanks a bunch, Uncle Chris)! So I stocked up in the dollar and clearance sections at Target, and grabbed treats they don’t often find in our pantry – i.e. Pringles and M&Ms. Between that and the DVD player we got for the car, hopefully we’re prepared.

I’m learning how to not kill plants!

Oh wait, I still need to pack. And it’s June in the upper Midwest. So we should prepare for a 30-45 degree swing in temps, bug spray for mosquitoes, jackets and pants for chilly evenings, bathing suits if it’s hot enough to go in the lake.

Summer means new sunnies!

Plus I need to bring some kid stuff – chalk, bubbles, board games. And knowing my kids, at least 20 stuffed animals in a range of sizes will get stuffed into the back seat. Don’t forget snacks, music and all the other miscellany!

I swear, cleaning windows was their idea!

Hmm, what’s left – duh, bourbon!  I’m not really sure what my aunt and uncle drink, but at least I’ll be able to drink it! So I’m thinking a flask or two of Wild Turkey plus a bottle of something less intense – any suggestions?

And then I became the mom who lets the boyfriend sleep over!

I’d like to say that I’ll come back and have lots of new blog posts but who knows. It’s a packed summer – swim lessons, ballet, the big July 4 road trip, some birthday parties and cake orders, plus one more trip (this one by plane, thank goodness!).

The Little and the Sparkler – talk about a risky combo

When it’s all said and done, the next 7 weeks are pretty spoken for, and then it’ll be back to school season with – eek – a kindergartner and a third grader. And here I thought my spring was busy! Wish me luck on my first solo road trip with kids. Better yet, tell me this – what bottle would you bring on a road trip??

I hope I can look half this relaxed during the drive…

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