Whiskey of the Month Club

Whiskey of the Month Club

Sounds super official, right? You know, like the other (real) bourbon bloggers you see out there? Nope. Just nope. Oh, and I should probably come clean – WOMC is merely a nom de plume for Party Planning Committee. It’s really just an extra excuse for our already sanctioned weeknight drinking with Uncle Chris and it gives PPC a slightly cooler name for one night a month. 

Don’t tell me I can’t drink Wild Turkey straight from the handle!

If you didn’t already know, this is not like the other bourbon blogs out there. Those guys (and gals!) are the real deal.

Me? First off, I’m too scattered to write about only one topic. Second, our little whiskey club – we don’t really know that much, whereas these other guys – they know their shit!

Bulleit and a  Cupcake – I’m a happy girl!

Oh wait, and there’s the small detail that we haven’t held a whiskey club meeting in almost a year now because of the move. Waaaahhhh.

Ok. Focus! Where was I? Oh yeah – we don’t know much.  But we like to hang out and drink bourbon together, and we know what we like. For example, Uncle Chris is a Jack fan. The Husband had a Woodford and Bulleit phase. Me? You know I love Breckenridge and Turkey. I can’t stand Jack and Johnny.

Gotta try all the Turkeys!

Anyhow, as is my way, Whiskey of the Month Club just sort of happened and organically became a thing. We were already together every Thursday. We already liked checking out new bourbons. We’ll pretty much try anything. Fighting Cock because it’s got a funny name and facilitates lots of juvenile joking. Leopold Brothers because a friend loves it. Scissortail because who knew Oklahoma makes bourbon?! Hibiki when a friend says “Hey have you tried this?”

You’re probably wondering how Whiskey of the Month Club is any different from PPC.

Well, it sort of began when Uncle Chris found a book and journal set about whiskey in some clearance bin. So we started reading about the bourbons and whiskeys we had already had and seeing if we could figure out the “tasting notes.” No, really – we’d take guesses at what it would be – smoky, rich, etc. And then we’d flip to the guide-book and see if we got anything right.

No wasting a drop!

Occasionally a couple of friends would join us. So we decided that on the first Thursday of the month, we’d try something new.

And though they were few, we had rules:

  • We are not a democracy, nobody is in charge
  • And yet! I’m not the president or the boss; I’m the Queen
  • Oh and I’m also the secretary – you know, because penmanship

Hmm, what else goes on? Chips. Cake. Sometimes chips and cake. No wait, more than sometimes. I always want chips and cake at a PPC or a Whiskey of the Month Club. It’s more about whether I’ve made anything in time. If I have, great. If not, we make do. Wait till I write a post about our dresser full of chips!

Bourbon notes and CHIPS!

If you’re on Instagram, then hopefully you’ve seen that marvelous video of Uncle Chris flinging Sun Chips at the Husband. Then there’s the time the guys tried to show me how one holds a rifle or something. Except we used a broom. Doesn’t sound all that funny, but we were all in stitches!

Bourbon in my glass and my cake?? Yippee!

Then, we moved away. We still drink bourbon, of course, but it’s not the same. Especially on a Thursday or when we try something new; then it feels like we’re cheating on Uncle Chris. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime and group texts. Better yet, thank goodness for our planned road trip to visit over July 4.

Nothing like whiskey fueled shenanigans!

Rest assured there will be some good blog material and some ridiculous pics from that visit! Bourbon, blowing up shit (fireworks), BBQ and the entire weekend will be considered a Thursday.

So what if I’m a day late? Happy World Whiskey Day!

American Whiskey to celebrate a past Independence Day!

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