Squish Conference

Remember how I went to Scottsdale back in February? Well, the weather sucked. I barely got to see my Twinnie. And yet, I can say confidently that the trip was fantastic. No, I mean it. I sat by the pool (for 20 bone-chilling minutes!). I blogged – ok, with a desert view instead of the pool – but I blogged nonetheless. I hit the sauna and even survived sitting at a bar all by my lonesome!

A wild NYE 2002

The finale of this near perfect trip: brunch with Squish. Even typing that makes me smile. Before Squish, I was the girl who had more guy friends than girl friends. I had girl friends, but my besties were always boys. But enough about that, this is about Squish.

We met at work but we didn’t really work together. Lunch in the break room turned into Friday night drinks into double dates and parties, into being there for each other for everything.

Summer 2004

For the first time in my young adult life, I got to experience firsthand how awesome and supportive female friendship can be. Man, we’ve been through some TIMES! Of course there’s the boy drama, but also career decisions, good times and bad with friends, family. We supported each other through those early years of total adulthood. I can’t think back to that time without shaking my head at some of our shenanigans and misadventures!  I also can’t imagine how I would’ve gotten through without my friend!

But then I moved away. On the one hand, it’s quite sad to have moved away from Squish. But that’s the beauty of this sort of friendship – you know, the kind where years can, and do, go by but the distance fades away the moment you’re together again. Without seeing each other by the copy machine or for drinks on Friday, it’s hard to maintain a friendship! Then you factor in jobs, spouses, kids and it’s enough just to keep your shit together and see the friends 2 blocks over.

She even threw me a surprise 25th birthday party!

I should know – I’ve moved over a dozen times in my life! As a result, I’ve gotten pretty damn good at staying in touch. Cell phones and email made it easier than 10+ years ago. Facebook (love it or hate it) made it even easier.  2000 miles didn’t stop us from attending each other’s weddings. It didn’t stop me from playing with her firstborn while pregnant with mine on a last minute weekend visit.

But wow, that was nearly 8 years ago. So you can imagine how excited I was when Twinnie invited me to meet her in Scottsdale. A quick FB message to Squish and we had a brunch date booked! The moment she drove up to the hotel, it was as if we’d seen each other the week before.

We caught up on so much and fast! As we drove to the airport we came up with Squish Conference – booking time in our calendars seemed like the thing to do in order to stay in touch. The timing couldn’t be better. So we planned a phone date where we could discuss some of the bigger things going on in our lives, and emails for quick easy updates. My favorite part? We ended up blurting out homework assignments for each other.

Wedding Season 2006

It’s genius! In scheduling time to connect long distance, we both get accountability, support and counsel from someone who truly cares and knows us well. There’s something about an old friend – they know your history and they see your new stories and frustrations and triumphs in a way others can’t. They just know you differently than the friends you make as adults.


We’ve already had 2 phone conferences and a third in the books. Amazing. Awesome. Wonderful. Incredible. None of these overused adjectives covers quite what this has meant to me. I highly recommend it. Who would you have your Squish Conference with?? Call them already!!

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