Who’s Down with PPC?

Step 1. Hydrate Step 2. PPC

Yeah, you know me!

Please God, tell me you get that reference. If you don’t, just pretend.

Before we get into the awesomeness of PPC and Whiskey of the Month Club, I should tell you about Friday Happy Hour. A few years ago we found ourselves living in a very small town in the rural Midwest/South. We bought a total bachelor pad complete with a basement bar.

Hello, Happy Hour!

I can hold a beer, I just don’t drink it!

HH was such a great way to unwind with a couple of neighbors. Their big kids took charge of our little kids and everyone got along. In other words: PERFECTION.

Staring them young on Atari

Sometimes we did snacks like chips and veggies; other times it was full on dinner – tacos, fish fry, pancakes. We usually had a family friendly drink (think lemonade or iced tea) with the option of making it with an adult twist. Do you know that strawberry lemonade with vanilla vodka tastes remarkably like a pink Starburst?

One Thursday, our neighbor, Uncle Chris stopped over to confirm the HH plan. Suddenly a new tradition was born. At first it really was Party Planning Committee – who’s around for HH, what are we eating. The real work of our little committee was quick and easy.

The Little and her first love at HH

With that out of the way, it’s onto hanging out. At first it was just Uncle Chris and the Husband. I was happy to let them have that guy time but they often invited me to hang out with them – this is where my whiskey training really began!

Bulleit – PPC’s house bourbon

Key word being began; I just didn’t succeed till that trip to Chicago (you can read about that here) a couple of years ago. Practice really is key to so many things, including whiskey! But in those early days of PPC, I usually took a couple terrified sips of whatever we had on hand while they laughed at my reaction!

Bonus points if you can ID what’s in those bottles!

We didn’t have a lot to choose from yet – Uncle Chris made sure there was always some kind of Jack at the bar. I think we had a little Woodford Reserve, and some randoms we had accumulated along the way: Koval Oat Whiskey, Breckenridge (I had a little fling with this one till I found love in Wild Turkey 101!), Deanston, and Early Times – a remnant from a Christmas party!

As you can see we are open to quite a range of tastes and price points!

HH goes wild… in the yard

Before long, PPC took over and we looked forward to our Thursday night tradition even after HH faded away. Honestly, leaving PPC and Uncle Chris was one of the hardest parts of moving last summer.

Stay tuned for the next Bourbon installment where I tell you how PPC turned into Whiskey of the Month Club – we even let outsiders join our little tribe!

HH sometimes started a little rocky…

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