People Aren’t Always Assholes

These days it feels like sucky things are always happening. Unfortunately, that’s because a lot of sucky things are happening. However, I stand by the belief that most people are pretty good, and often downright awesome.  A recent weekend away was a great reminder of how people aren’t always assholes.

If you’ve never stayed at a Kimpton hotel, get on it, pronto. Finally, a hotel that lives up to the shiny bright image it advertises! I can count on one hand the times a hotel has wowed me – the last one had a view of the Taj Mahal!

Free bubbles!

The Husband found a deal– this time a bit closer to home – so for the same price as a budget chain, we got a quick weekend away in modern and stylish hotel with great staff and a champagne happy hour every night.  Yeah – free bubbles every day for an hour. Really.

Wait, there’s more. I don’t know if you ever use concierge services, but man have I missed out! I talked to one incredible David Moore a few days before our visit for help getting opera tickets. Now wait, hear me out. I know it’s not most people’s cup of tea, but that’s irrelevant.

Can you find the flasks?

The point is, the show is sold out, and I call David. We talk, we bond, and though the hotel doesn’t have a connection, he says he’ll try. He got tickets, they fell apart, we talk some more.

Finally we meet at check-in. I tell David my name and he flashes a smile like he’s known me years and gives me a big hug! And then he immediately promises me I’m going to the opera! He even arranged for wine and chocolate in our room while we were out for dinner.

Bubbles and my buddy David!

David went so far out of his way to make this happen – Hell, he even worked on it from home. As promised, we got a call Saturday afternoon saying get back to the hotel; we’ve got an opera to get ready for! It’s wild – we went to a hotel but it felt like we were among friends.

Even without the cool décor and funky lounge areas, David is one in a million and the other people on staff were pretty amazing too. For an experience like that, I’ll go back to Kimpton even without the deal!

Next time I feel like the world sucks and we humans are the worst, I’ll remember my new pal David.

Do you have a ‘people aren’t always assholes’ story? I’d love to hear it!

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