Candied Pecans

Finally! I present to you a recipe on this blog that’s largely about eating and drinking! As I’ve said before, I’m still learning all the blogging rules. I haven’t posted recipes because I want to make sure I’m giving proper credit. I know, call me a crazy rule follower. I’m fine with that – we rebel in our own ways, right? Besides, if my fledgling baking business is going to take off I can’t go sharing all my secrets!

Coffee and candy blogging at my second office!

This recipe is one I’ve been tinkering with, so I guess the credit is all mine! And it’s not likely going to be part of Savalina Sweets, so I’m willing to share.

You know by now about my love of sugar, especially caramel. Over the last few months, I’ve been playing around with candied pecans.

not pretty, but butter and sugar to start – what could go wrong?

I first discovered them on a date in Buffalo, NY. I ordered a salad (with a real meal, I’m not one of those eat like a bird in front of boys types) – it was baby field greens with candied pecans, goat cheese and roasted pears. A lot going on, perhaps, but somehow it all works. Soooo good. In fact I started making it at home on the regular. I don’t even like sweet stuff in my entrées, but I love this salad!

Skip ahead to 2012 and I’m at home for Thanksgiving due to a pregnancy related travel ban (see, I can blame lots of things on my pregnancy with the Little!). As such, the family came to my house. That ought to be a blog post – hosting a major holiday during the third trimester! Anyway, I don’t even remember if we had turkey that year, but I do remember serving this salad. How could I forget – my dad raved and called it restaurant-good. It’s the first time he ever complimented my cooking/baking!

Patience is key here!

Skip ahead one more time to last summer and we moved to our current house. Suddenly I can’t seem to buy candied pecans anywhere. WTF?? I better learn how to make this. I tried a few Pinterest recipes and didn’t like the results. But I did learn a few things about caramel. I took what I learned and started to tinker. And here’s where I’ve ended up.

Gotta make sure every pecan gets some caramel goodness

Candied Pecans

  • 1 cup pecans, toasted (I throw them in the toaster oven for 5 minutes)
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt (or more if you’re like me)
  • 2-3 tablespoons unsalted butter
  1. Heat butter, sugar and salt on low heat in a large frying pan till it melts. Increase heat and stir till it turns golden brown (duh, like the color of caramel).
  2. Add the pecans and combine thoroughly. Spread mixture onto a non-stick surface. I use parchment, but I want to try my silpat next time.
  3. Cool completely – try not to eat them all! I store in a reusable container. They stay ‘crisp’ for about a week, if we don’t eat them all! They’re fine after that, just with less crunch, at which point they’re a good topping for things like yogurt or coffee cake, etc. Now I need to go make more!

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