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My poolside blog dreams squashed. By clouds.

Remember back when I finally realized why people hang out and work at coffee shops? Let’s circle back to that for a minute while I blog 1000 miles from home in the Valley of the Sun. Oh wait, it’s cloudy, cold and rainy here in Scottsdale. Damn.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. Give me 80 degrees instead of 64 and we have a deal.

As a full-time mom and now fledgling entrepreneur, it’s really easy to get sucked into the everyday stuff and push blogging for later. Let’s be real, at least for now, this is a hobby – I can’t really justify sitting down to write when there’s laundry to fold and dentist appointments to reschedule.

I told you my life is glamorous.

The trip started off so beautifully!

I haven’t been successful at establishing a routine here since the move. Before, it was easy – Tuesdays was mommy group, Ballet on Tuesday, PPC/Whiskey Club started at 8 on Thursdays, and hell, even Dad knew not to Skype on a Friday night – that’s Happy Hour! I had fixed and clearly labeled chunks of time. It’s been many months since the move and it’s beyond time to make a real routine happen. With the Little doing full day school once a week and the business to develop, I’m finally (FINALLY) making progress. Part of that is a weekly coffee shop day to write or study – aka learning blog related stuff.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

I started a list of local shops. I’m not against Starbucks, but I know people who are. To me, it’s more about supporting a small/local business – hello, have I mentioned Gina and her awesome jewelry?? Plus now I’m a small/local business! All the more reason I should support fellow entrepreneurs. I recently checked out my first local café – the place is cute, it’s cozy. The girls at the counter are friendly (I can call them girls, they’re clearly half my age). There’s even free wi-fi. My coffee? It’s lukewarm and weak. Talk about a deal breaker! I’ve looked at a few other places, but they’re so far out of the way that I’d spend more time in the car than actually working.

They conference, I blog.

So for now I color myself content at my local Starbucks. It turns out I know the sweetheart barista there through the Husband’s CrossFit. I’m also getting to know the manager and they think I’m awesome, so I’m finally getting my Cheer’s moment. You know the Cheer’s moment – you’re a regular, they know you, and more importantly, they seem genuinely happy to see you walk through the door. Meg even knows how I take my drink! Reliable wi-fi, close to home and the coffee is hot. Can you really ask for more than that from your coffee shop?

Even tried the fire pit – it rained. WTF.

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