Olympics Birthday

Olympic Cupcakes!

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to organize the Olympics? YEARS! The host city usually builds arenas, highways, housing, and other infrastructure – that’s after the 2 years it took to get through the nomination and election process. With that in mind, it makes sense that the Little decided last summer – 7 months ago – that she would have an Olympic birthday party for turning 5. Talk about commitment – it’s not even an Olympic year (yes, it was super fun explaining that I can’t make the real Olympics coincide with her birthday)!!

Pink Devil Cupcakes – Devils Food with Strawberry Frosting

As an Olympic junkie, it’s definitely my fault – I was planning the Big’s Bubble Birthday while we were glued to the Rio Summer Games. It’s only natural that the Little would connect the dots, right? In our house, birthday parties all start with the cake – Olympic cupcakes of course! Next we had to discuss which country we should be – the Little quickly chose Poland – but not because she’s part Polish. No, she wanted Poland because white and red are her favorite colors. I searched Amazon for flag décor and even an Olympic flag to hang outside. (My mother asked, “Aren’t you worried that your neighbors will think you’re weird?” Oh mom, it’s way too late for that! )

Team Jamaica and Team China in one Italian family!

The next phase was our Olympic events. Given my small house and unpredictable February weather, I had to give up my dream pentathlon with sleds and we scaled down to a kids’ triathlon: Archery, Fencing and Steeple Chase (aka obstacle course involving tents, bean bags, a balance beam and a neon pink dancing unicorn).

The Little/Team Polska with all her cakes

What’s more, I got to combine my beloved Olympics with my theory that all cuisines include some sort of stuffed dough. Italy has ravioli, Poland has pierogis, and Greece has spanakopita. Head to Asia and we have dumplings, potstickers, samosas, curry puffs. On to South America and we have empanadas. Does anyone know if arepas count? I definitely couldn’t represent every country – I wonder if meat pies count for the UK? My google searches told me strudel for Germany and apple tarts for France, but I’m not entirely convinced.

Love when friends play along!

Final touch – with my mom in town, the official drink of our Olympics was her signature drink – margaritas! It was absolute chaos in my house that day, but isn’t that the best part? It means everyone is having fun and letting loose. What events would you include in your Olympics party??More importantly, what would your official food/drink be???

The standard bubbles and bourbon plus tequila for Margaritas

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