Sorry Amanda!

The Big caught me at work while trying out her new camera

So yeah, I know it’s Valentine’s Day technically, blah blah. I fall decidedly in the “I don’t care, never did” camp. If you were expecting an ode to all things romantic on this particular day, you may as well close this tab immediately. No, wait, don’t do that. I do confess a love affair in the following text! 

This may be a wildly unpopular statement, but I may not love Mexican food as much as the rest of you. I’m not saying I dislike it; not at all! I just don’t crave it like I once did.  And so I title this post an apology to my fabulous and lovely friend of Mexican descent.

I stand by the fact that we were doing Taco Tuesday waaaaaaay before it became a thing. As with many things, I sort of blame being pregnant with the Little. Those eight and a half months changed my taste in everything – peanut butter, sweet drinks, and among other things, tacos. After the Little was born I think we quit Mexican altogether for a solid year or more.

My new obsession? Mediterranean.

I had amazingly fresh tabbouleh in Dubai and I’ve been craving it like a pregnant lady ever since! So much so – the Husband brought me a container of it for my post-hangover birthday dinner a few weeks back.

So. Much. Chopping.

Naturally, on my second birthday weekend, while he madly plotted his way through a very tricky cake recipe, I chopped and chopped and chopped some more. My project list: Tzatziki, Tabbouleh, and Shepherd’s Salad and White Bean Hummus. Truthfully, I didn’t actually get to the hummus, but no big deal. I don’t think photos of it would’ve compared to the gorgeous colors of the salads.

We rounded out a Sunday feast with chicken souvlaki and pita, and had an impromptu birthday dinner with Amanda and her family.

The best part – it’s all so good for you! Heart healthy olive oil, tons of veggies, and loads of flavor in every bite. Nothing bland about this stuff. Bonus – most of it is vegetarian, just like Amanda! I still need to work on that hummus and I really want to try my hand at falafel. In fact, I finish up this post still full from a lunch of falafel, hummus and tabbouleh at this tiny little place down the street from me. So full and yet, no guilt whatsoever! Hmmm, anyone fancy a summer trip to Greece or Turkey?

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