Birthday Shenanigans

When you wake up on your bestie’s sofa in last night’s fishnets…

So… yeah. I definitely hit it hard the weekend leading up to this year’s birthday. I don’t know about you but I kind of love birthdays. And you’ve only seen a hint of that with last fall’s Bubble Birthday. Wait till next month and the Little’s Olympics bash! In my world, birthdays are celebrated for at least a week, more if possible. With ¾ of our family having birthdays in the first 6 weeks of the year, we really are in near-constant birthday mode till March. Really. Cake weight is far more an issue than holiday weight for me! 

House made Chocolate Cake!

As you know from the last post we start out the New Year with the Husband’s birthday, and now it’s my turn. You can’t go wrong starting a birthday weekend with Friday night dirty martinis and a great dinner out with friends. The Saturday I envisioned didn’t go quite as I planned, but that’s probably good for me – I desperately need to learn how to go with the flow.

My fave – creme brulee

After a day of running around, I met up with my bestie, who took me to dinner at this little Malaysian BYOB in her neighborhood. Doesn’t sound like anything crazy, I know, but here’s why I was knocked off my feet. We walked by it the very first time we hung out and she remembered – we’ve never even talked about it again after that day!  After a quick meal of noodles and satay and our favorite prosecco, we were off to a new private wine club in Chicago and a fun tasting with Craft House Cocktails! I mean how can you not like sitting in a room called The Cave trying new drinks and fun conversations? Best part was the guy gave me a bottle since it’s not sold where I live – he didn’t even know it was my birthday 🙂

Satay Tofu and Prosecco with Gina

And then….

I paid my price, boy oh boy. I couldn’t even enjoy Sunday brunch with our two families. Frankly it was a feat just sitting there surrounded by food and beer, oof. But I managed to survive the weekend and ended it curled up on the sofa at another friend’s house sipping Gatorade while they ate and drank and watched the AFC playoffs (Les and KK, did I get that right???).

Nursing the hangover while the others celebrate!

Twinnie puts it best – you’d think at our age we’d know our limits and be able to avoid Sundays like that, but alas, it’s not to be. But be honest – would you rather I tell you how I had a quiet and responsible weekend? No! That’s not terribly interesting or funny! Weekends like this definitely make for some good laughs – at least after the headache stops! When was the last time you had a memorable weekend like mine?

Grand finale of birthday month – Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake

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