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Airport Shenanigans

Let’s just start with this: traveling abroad with kids?  Totally sucko. I speak from personal experience, so this isn’t just some obnoxiously uninformed opinion. Maybe your kids willingly walk through endless airport terminals and even carry the teeny backpacks they insist on bringing. Maybe your kids sleep upon take off because it’s bedtime. Maybe your kids never get motion sickness and maintain a pleasant disposition despite jetlag. Well, nuts to you. 

Let’s take an 8 hour midday nap!

My kids? They’re the ones who walk up and down the aisle pressing buttons on other people’s in-flight entertainment systems for hours on a red-eye. They’re the ones who lay on the floor in major airports (Dallas and Atlanta!!). They’re the ones who react to jetlag by having night terrors (for three months!) and a personality that would mortify the Bride of Chucky. They’re the ones who shriek that the Taj Mahal is the wrong color. And they’re the ones who flip-flop between puking and sleeping for an entire 17 hour flight.

The Little: “Why isn’t it red??”

So let’s go again, right?? Mind you, the real impetus for this trek is that my dad said those two magical words: “My treat!” He’s so happy to have some of his kids and grandkids at a huge family reunion. I’m smart enough to almost always say yes to a free trip! (I said no once, clearly I was one of the world’s dumbest 22 year olds)

This time, my twinnie and her family are going too. So double the kids but also double the grownups.  Hopefully the kiddos can entertain each other at least part of the time, right?? Plus it’s been ages since I’ve traveled with Twinnie and that’s always fun.

If you can talk your way into a first class lounge, DO IT!! Don’t look back!

One benefit of last year’s torturous trip – I’m ever so slightly more knowledgeable about flying with kids. I have many pairs of Sea-Bands (aka magic bracelets), Pedialyte in powder form to combat airport medic level dehydration, and permission from my pediatrician to try Benadryl on the flight and Melatonin after we arrive. With Emirates’ highly touted family friendly service, and a screen time free-for-all, the flights might actually be pleasant. Finally, I’m confident that with my sister in charge of our wild group, the husbands and I can focus on corralling the kiddos through places like customs and security.

Charming the Etihad flight crew last year

See? I really have thought about a lot of details. And finally, I have the greatest friends – one getting us to the airport so I don’t have to spend a mortgage payment on parking and another house-sitting so I won’t have to worry about the cats or the house. Talk about taking some of the stress out of travel!

In the meantime, enjoy your holidays and I’ll have more stories for you in 2017!

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