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Holy crappers, is it just me or is the end of the year speeding along at a scary pace? Didn’t I just post a few days ago? I’ve been all over the place lately. By now you probably get that this is just sort of my normal. I won’t say you get used to it, but you come to accept and maybe even embrace the crazy!  Some of the latest highlights: 

The Big is a Snow Bunny all the way

Ahead of the annual holiday visit, the MIL had the excellent idea to write to Santa – the girls explained to him that we’ll be traveling on Christmas so would he please come early. They totally accepted the notion that Santa can’t bring all the presents to a hotel without a chimney. Score!

Long visits from the in-laws often mean that the girls want nothing to do with me. I know that sounds awful, but as the stay at home mom, they’re sick of me and I need a few hours with grownups! Result: date night is an actual thing and I can sneak off for some friend time.

Put to work for Love Will Win the War

This go around, I braved morning traffic (not bad at all) to spend a day with the bestie. What’s better than a day of coffee and champagne and surrounding yourself with pretty baubles!  We got everything ready for her jewelry show and then I got to cap off the day with my first Polish meal. No more Mrs. T’s for me – handmade pierogi for life!

So many earrings!
Hand made silk cord necklaces

And what better way to end a wild week than to spend it with a friend from abroad. We all have that friend – you know, the one you may not see often but always makes for a memorable time.  You have that kind of friend, right? I hope you do, because I think we should all have a friend like that. For me, that’s Johnny. We met over a decade ago when he interned at my first job.

Playtime with the kiddos

He was in Seattle, I worked in Phoenix. I always thought we met in 2003 when he came down for a big conference, but I just found out I’m way off – apparently we met in Chicago at least 6 months prior!

Classic American Dessert – Key Lime Pie

Our friendship since then has included goofy charade type ice-breakers in Chicago, turning cartwheels at work in Phoenix, crafting drums in a yurt in Seattle, and making Yorkshire puddings in Philadelphia. I love that we can talk about politics and travel and the environment and just as easily trade juvenile jokes and play in the snow.

NY Cheesecake

But alas, the fun has to come to an end. Everyone left today and now I have to face the oh-so-fun task of prepping for our big holiday trip abroad in less than 2 weeks. Doesn’t someone want to come over and pack for me?? Please? I’ll bake for you!

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