A New Side Hustle

I needed a snow day to finally finish this post!

I seem to be piling a bunch of new stuff onto my proverbial plate lately. I guess some part of me figures it will all be fine because I sort of do better under pressure – that sounds nuts as I type it out. The summer was a whirlwind with the move; it’s been a crazy busy fall with new schools, new routines, a family wedding, and lots of visitors (several of them being of the stomach bug variety!). We’re hosting family and a friend from Scotland this week and then we shall wrap up a wild 2016 with a wild trip abroad. 

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

That’s not enough to do, right? So a few months ago I had just the right little nudge (thanks Gina!) to start this blog. There’s a LOT to learn, my goodness. The more I read the more I feel I jumped the gun on publishing this thing.

I still needed more, apparently. It all kind of came about the week after Deepavali. I made more sweets than ever, and as always, the leftovers got sent to work with the Husband (I can’t eat the whole cake if it’s not in my kitchen!!). Someone said hey, your wife should sell these cookies! That quickly spiraled into retail space and locations, LLC’s and so on.

Chocolate Almond Toffee

So a week goes by and I found myself at a local boutique for a girls’ night. The owner and I got to talking and somehow it came up that I bake. She immediately asked: “Do you have a card?” I laughed and told her how it was a brand new idea and that I was still figuring things out. Long story short, I ended up with my first order – 8 dozen cookies for Small Business Saturday. In the rush of it all, and with a couple girlfriends brainstorming, we came up with Savalina Sweets and some branding concepts.

Presto, I’m an entrepreneur.

An attempt at Champagne Cupcakes

With our big trip looming before me, I’ll wait till the New Year to sort out all the official stuff like establishing a corporation, getting an actual graphic designed. In the meantime, there will be baking – look what I’ve made so far! This is a perfect setup for my desire to try new recipes – I’ll call it research!

Salted Caramel Bundt Cake

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