Where did the time go??

Can I have a redo?? Where have the last 6 weeks gone? I knew this fall was going to be busy with a family wedding (and the two related trips home), holidays and daily life, but I didn’t plan for the two stomach bugs or the countless other distractions that pulled me away from the blog. And now it’s December (well, just about)?? 

img_6723If I’m totally honest with myself, I feel I have nothing or little to show for the last several weeks. So let’s take stock, shall we? We’ll start with apple picking, a fall tradition when you’ve got New York blood. Preferably on a cool crisp sunny day – I got the sunny part, but 70 degrees??

Apple picking has to be followed by the requisite cooking of various apple dishes. I attempted apple butter and I just don’t get it.

img_6750 So essentially it’s applesauce that was cooked WAYYYY too long? What’s the point? Where’s the butter? Next up, apple muffins in my hunt for school day breakfasts that are healthy-ish. They weren’t bad, but good grief they do not freeze well. Actually, they freeze fine but they stick to the muffin papers like glue! They weren’t good enough or disastrous enough to warrant their own post.

img_6795Oh right, then we celebrated Diwali the same weekend as Halloween – I discovered my local Indian grocery – that’s always an expensive discovery for me, eek! Spices, snacks, sweets, oh my! The cooking and partying around a festive weekend, plus Halloween, trick or treating, 2 parties plus the hosting of Diwali certainly made for a busy week or two.

img_6978I made basically every Indian dish I know and then bought a bunch of sides to round it all out. I also added our own little American twist with mini pumpkin pies (a request from Gina’s son) and continued tinkering with my own version of candied pecans – it’s nearly ready and then I’ll post an original recipe!

img_6897Forgot – Husband was also out of town. Now, most of the time this isn’t a big deal. But when Louisville is the destination, bringing back gifts is a must – it’s bourbon country! He did well, don’t you think? It doesn’t hurt that I was experimenting with chocolate peanut butter mini-sandwiches 🙂

Wild Turkey!!

Ok fine, I guess it wasn’t a completely wasted month and a half. And most recently, another hair-brained idea from my loved ones has led me to an exciting new adventure – starting my own business??? Stay tuned!

Hint, hint

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