Road Trip!!

Road Trip Presents!
Road Trip Presents!

During our three years in the south/Midwest/Bible Belt, it seemed like everyone took really long road trips without batting an eye. Yeah, let’s go to Florida, it’s only 11 hours! We can get home to Iowa for Christmas in 8 hours. Summer break – let’s drive 20 hours to the Grand Canyon! 

Are your eyes bulging out of your face? No? Maybe it’s just me. I always had this strong reaction of “No f-ing way!!” The idea of entertaining two young kids in car seats for an entire day or more sounds about as fun as getting my braces put back on.

Our latest corporate relo involved an 8-hour car ride. Flying was within the relo allowance, but we usually like to save money on a move wherever we can. We decided to drive since the kids aren’t so little anymore and didn’t want to ship the car. To prepare, we stocked up on car friendly snacks, collected their favorite movies, and cleared room for their gear – three or four dolls each, water bottles and obviously the purses they HAD to carry around suddenly.

The best part of the trek bar none was the going away care package our friends put together for the girls. Every hour of the drive, they got to open a brand new gift. It was AMAZING!!! Everything was small, everything matched (aka no fighting!) and it was all for immediate consumption – oreos, sunglasses, a new doll. The girls loved it – they woke up from a mid-afternoon snooze, each girl mumbling, “has it been an hour yet?” and “do we get to open a present now??”

But WAIT. A precedent has been set and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I did manage the hourly gift concept on a 2 hour flight over the summer. But now we’re talking an evening drive, 8-9 hours, no care package from friends and losing an hour as we cross into EST. The Little is in a new car seat allowing her to see out the window. The hubby ordered a new DVD player since the last one had frayed cords. I stocked up with snacks, glow-sticks and other little treats. At least we have Halloween candy to fill the gaps. And with a night drive, hopefully they’ll sleep eventually. Right??

UPDATE: oh god no. Husband tried the DVD players last night and they DON’T WORK. Nooooooooo!
He’s already asking a couple of friends from work and CrossFit, but if that doesn’t come through we’ll be playing the alphabet game for at least 6 hours. Once again, my eyes are bulging out of my head.

Wish us luck, folks!


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