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I just love a local coffee joint!
I just love a local coffee joint!

I’ve always wondered why it is that so many people hang out in cafes and coffee shops with their laptops. What are they working on?? How come they are doing work here? Are these shops okay with this? WHY?? 

It took starting this blog for it to finally click! After 7 years as a full-time mom, I am great at making and keeping a routine for the kiddos but I have zero clue how to set up my own schedule. And even though we had set nap times, I was never that mom who went to music class on Tuesdays and vacuumed on Fridays.

A peek at my growing coffee addiction

With two growing kids in two different schools, no day is ever the same and my to do list is ALWAYS outpacing me. I always think I’ll work on the blog while the girls are at school, but then I get side tracked with all this other crap. And so it hit me – I have to believe that some of those people in the coffee shop are like me and desperately need to escape the never-ending to do list to get other work done!

Who is going to put all this away??

It’s decided – I have to find a coffee shop! I live in a small-ish town and while I don’t share the same aversion to Starbucks as many folks I know, I certainly love the idea of being a regular at a locally owned place. I love that Gina has a regular shop and they even made a good luck sign for her son’s first day of school. How can you not love that? Off to start hunting for my regular haunt!

Do you know how rarely the playroom is this clean??

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