I QUIT…….the fitness challenge

To quote my dear friend, Gina, “um, what?”

You didn’t read the title wrong. I did. I quit! But don’t think me a quitter. Yes, I’ve quit things in the past. Haven’t we all? Viola – 2 years. Girl Scouts – I’m sure I only finished a year because my mom paid the fees already. The gym – yeah, but only because I saw the skeevy owner canoodling in the gym with a girl who wasn’t his fiancé!

Back to the point – I quit. And not because I couldn’t hack it – I quit because the challenge wasn’t working for me. If you remember, the fitness challenge was 6 weeks no added sugar, no booze, and a bunch of other healthy crap. The husband and I even agreed to cheat days for our sanity. Here’s my issue – the guy who started it boasted excellent results. He lost pounds; he lost inches, and got stronger. Great! I applaud him.

So we’ve done, what three weeks? I’m exercising more, sleeping more, and eating more veggies. I’m taking fish oil pills the size of my pinky. And yet, I gained weight!! I felt way tired, though I’m sure that’s because of 2 allergy attacks, two sick kids, one house crisis, 2 parties and a quick weekend back east.

Making so many things off-limits made me crave them even more (yes, I knew it would be difficult; it’s called a challenge, folks!) and I already crave things like a pregnant lady! On our cheat days, I went nutso. I’m really not exaggerating. Over the weekend, I’m sure I consumed more cake and alcohol than the healthy stuff. It’s as if because I denied myself, when I did allow it, I went all out and gorged myself. It wasn’t pretty.

I’m sure this type of thing works for lots of people. There are a million view points on how to get fit, lose weight, live till we’re old, blah blah. Apparently there’s even a faction who doesn’t think moderation is a good plan. What? Did that blow your mind too??

All I know is this challenge did not work for me. Quite the opposite really – I found myself day dreaming about wine, even though we don’t drink daily and I usually drink bourbon. Suddenly I couldn’t have it and I wanted it every day. And then I’d think: I am NOT an alcoholic! I just want what I can’t have! It also applied to English muffins, taco sauce, and other random things that shouldn’t have sugar, but do.

Then I talked to a friend about it. Trying to cut out sugar and booze didn’t work for her either. Oh thank goodness, I’m not alone in this. So that gave me the nudge I needed to quit without feeling like a quitter. That may not make sense now, but as you get to know me, it will. I promise.

Now, I’ll leave you to it. Me? I’m gonna have myself a little bourbon.

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