Strawberry Cupcakes

The recipe made 24 cakes plus a whole tray of minis!

I usually start birthday planning by asking the birthday girl what she wants for her cake. They never fail to amaze – one year was a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, vanilla cake with fudge frosting, you get the idea.

This year, the Big wanted strawberry cupcakes that had real pieces of fruit, and strawberry frosting. The challenge here is that most recipes I’ve seen use gelatin for a strawberry cake. I can’t do it. I just can’t! The idea of horse hooves or whatever is in gelatin just creeps me out. And I’ve never cared for the taste of most strawberry things – even if it’s pretty natural, it always tasted artificial. So this won’t be difficult at all!

In a rare stroke of cake luck, my very first recipe attempt worked out! What I like about this particular recipe is that it doesn’t call for anything fancy, and I love not having to run to the shop four times for ingredients. I am curious about making it with frozen strawberries as a way to enjoy this berry deliciousness year round! Here’s the Pin, and scroll on for how things went, plus my tweaks to achieve a cake that made even me say “Wow!”

Mise en place
I even got a tray of minis out of the batter!
My secret ingredient – freeze-dried strawberries for extra flavor
The hard part – cook egg whites and sugar just right for the Swiss Meringue frosting!
Did someone say Fluff?
They’re basically bite size – so dangerous!


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