Withdrawal is REAL

Discovering how many things secretly have sugar is about as a fun seeing the calorie count at a bakery counter!  I’m fine most of the time. Except at dinner when a sip of wine might be nice. Or after the girls are in bed and my sweet tooth is at its worst. Or when that afternoon slump calls for a tiny nibble and even the healthy snacks have sugar. Or… and you see how I’m faring so far.

A few days into this fitness challenge and let’s just make it more difficult, hmm?

  1. Bake scones for the girls’ breakfast
  2. Plan a birthday party – the Big turns 7 next week
  3. Peruse cake recipes and try not to drool
  4. Attend a school function. At a Brewery.
  5. Dinner with new friends
  6. Prep for birthday week (confetti pancakes and mixers for a Bubble Beverage Bar)
  7. Sunday picnic with my BFF – that NEVER involves bubbles or sugar or bourbon. (Insert dramatic Tina Fey level eye roll here)

And that’s just next week! Thank goodness we agreed to preset cheat days – we won’t earn that point for that day, but I think it’s worth it, don’t you? Let’s be realistic. Tell me you wouldn’t eat cake for your kid’s birthday. I won’t believe you!

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