Sugar Hiatus

It’s all my husband’s fault, really. As a result, I’m making a German Chocolate Cake to say goodbye in style.

He just joined a CrossFit box (insert an absurd number of inappropriate jokes here).  Apparently they do various challenges to keep folks motivated. Or punished, depending on how you look at it. Husband tells me about the upcoming challenge – no sugar and no booze? For 30 days??? Well, there’s other stuff like get more sleep, work out a lot, blah blah. And technically you earn a point for which pieces of the challenge you complete each day, most points gets free membership. Whatever. But give up baking and bourbon when I just started a blog… about baking and bourbon??? Really?

What’s more, I must’ve been possessed because my response was, “this is only going to work if I do the challenge with you.” No, this can’t be right. I voluntarily offered to do this just to make it easier for him? I’m not the nutter who joined a CrossFit!!

Over the last few days, I’ve been pulling odds and ends that will be off limits. We don’t eat a ton of prepared foods, so I figure, it’ll just be a break for my baking shelf. And yeah, I knew obvious culprits like most bread, peanut butter. But then I remembered the number of recipes that call for honey or brown sugar! There goes satay, my perfect 30 minute teriyaki marinade, and handful of other go-to dishes. But whoa, hold the phone. Crackers? Bacon? CHEERIOS??

It starts tomorrow. The husband thinks we ought to binge for the weekend and then we won’t want any of it for a while. I, on the other hand, say we cut things bit by bit, lest he should be at the receiving end of my sugar withdrawals. What do you think?

Oh yeah, today he drops another bomb – it’s not 30 days, it’s 6 WEEKS!! During which will be a trip home, a bridal shower and our eldest’s bubble themed birthday party. Wish me luck!

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