Welcome to my new blog!

Crap, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Can’t believe I’ve committed time and money to something I don’t even know if I like, or if I’m going to enjoy, or if I’m any good at. Ugh, I ended on a proposition. If you gain nothing else from this post, you’ll know I had good English teachers since I remember that little gem. Is that even the rule anymore? There are so many rules changing. It’s not English now, it’s Language Arts?? Don’t get me started on the fact that pipe cleaners are now called chenille stems. What?!

Anyway, now you see how my mind operates – in weaving, random non-linear ways. Hope you feel like keeping up with me! My husband said just last week he’s learned that for every conversation we’re currently having, there are at least 3-6 other topics for which he should be ready to switch to at any given time, and of course without warning. I blame genetics for this fabulous quality.

Here’s one thing I can promise – there will be absolutely no rhyme or reason to what I post or when. It could be that I’m currently planning in my head 2 birthday parties, or the family trip we’re taking at year-end. Or it might be my girls’ obsession with cooking shows. They’re all called “the baking show” by the little – for example, today she asked, “can we watch the baking show with Chris?” By this she meant America’s Test Kitchen. Yep, she knows the names of chefs, hosts, etc. Not gonna lie, I kind of love it. Is she blatantly asking for TV time? Hell yes. But I’ll take the chocolate caramel cake episode (her fave episode) over just about any kid show! Speaking of which, I’m about to try making my first ever German Chocolate Cake – stay tuned!

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